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Hello and welcome to the Zeito club! ^^

Hey everyone! Sorry for the inactivity! I run like....10 or so Deviant Art accounts so it's hard for me to keep track of them all. This club is still active! I don't log in as often, but I still do every now and then! For those who don't watch my deviant art account let me inform you about the Shion Family ask account, where you can ask Zeito or any of the Shion's questions!

~About the Club~
Who is Zeito you may ask? Zeito is the fanmade character of :iconbloodyvocaloid:
If you like him or are a bit curious, drop me a note or join the club!

~Note from BloodyVocaloid~
I created this club because I was beginning to realize how popular Zeito is starting to become. Yet, despite all these wonderful creations people are coming out with, not even half of them have told me that they're using my character. Don't get me wrong. You have permission to use my characters, but if you do, could you please tell me? I want to see your beautiful work! Don't be shy! I love speaking with new people. The Zeito fan club is a chance for all of us Zeito fans to come together and show off our work on our dark and depressive yo-yo boy ^^
Go ahead and keep reading if you're interested in joining. I'll put up Zeito's profile very soon

~How To Join~
Joining is easy. If you wish to do so, please just send a note asking to join. Wait! There are rules to this! Just so I know, could you please tell me how you found out about Zeito and why you like him? Thanks! Once I read your note, I'll give you back a confirmation note and you're automatically in! I do ask that you don't leave a comment on this page and/or journal to join though. It's so much easier for me if I can keep track of my members via notes. Same with affiliates. Thanks!

~How to Submit Pictures To the Zeito Club~
Same as above. Just send a note with a link of your pictures. You will get full credit for your picture and a link to your DA account, but I will also respect it if you wish me not to do so. Just give me instructions in your note ^^

1) Um...behave? Doesn't that go without saying?
2) If you join could you please watch the club so we can all keep connected?
3) You can also join this club if you're into the pairing Zeito x Miku Zatsune.
4) I would also appeciate if you'd link this club back somewhere. Maybe in your journal or signature?
5) Have fun...?



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Misconceptions about Zeito

Mistake 1: Zeito is not Zaito
:iconzaito-nii: Zaito belongs to MelancholyOtaku and sings deeper than Kaito. His personality couldn't be further from Zeito's. He's nearly Zeito's opposite. Despite this, the two are often mixed up.

Mistake 2: Zeito doesn't hate to sing!
He just don't like to sing that much because he hates his voice. He refuses to sing if anyone is present. He likes to sing when he thinks he is absolutly alone where no one can hear him.

Mistake 3: Zeito is not a yandereloid (Meaning a violent vocaloid).
Zeito is actually very peaceful and quiet. If anything, I think you should call him a Tsundereloid. (Meaning a cold and quite vocaloid)  I have no idea where you guys got the idea Zeito was mean and violent Oo; Perhaps it's because you compare him to Taito, who also sings higher than Kaito and has somewhat of a black scheme? Zaito keeps to himself and barely talks to anyone. He is depressive and for lack of better word, emo xD Maybe he has a violent side no one's seen yet? Oo; Who knows what he could do with his yo-yo! XD

Mistake 4: Zeito is not another brother of Kaito's
Zeito, is not a brother, cousin, relative, or friend to Kaito in anyway. He IS Kaito.The dark and depressed version of Kaito. Therefore it is impossible to have Kaito and Zeito in the same room together since they are the same person.

Mistake 5: There is nothing "official" between Zeito and Zatsune…yet.
Zeito hates to talk to people. No one can get a peep out of him except Zatsune. Zeito is seen talking with Zatsune every so often. Why can she make him talk when no one else can? There's a HUGE rumor that the two are an item, but no one knows for sure.

I'm gonna keep adding to this section if I see anymore misconceptions about Zeito…

So who is Zeito really?

Name: Zeito (The fans tacked Shion to the end of his name)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Character item: Black Yo-yo
Likes: Nature, silence, darkness, dark colors mostly red and black, and playing with his yo-yo
Dislikes: His voice, talking, most everybody, most everything
Zeito is the dark, negative, depressing version of Kaito. He is the equivilant to what Zatsune Miku is to Hatsune Miku. He sings slightly higher than Kaito, and due to this, he hates his own voice. He doesn't sing very much because he doesn't care for his own voice. Zeito is a loner. He doesn't like talking with anyone, unless they have something imortant to say. He likes being alone, usually outside with nature and spends most of his time playing with his yo-yo. The only person he is seen speaking with on rare occasions is Miku Zatsune. This has brought up rumors on his relationship with her.

How Zeito was made:

To be honest, Zeito was a mistake xD I never ment for him to be this popular. As you may or may not know, the first video Zeito appeared in was Bloodyvocaloid's(That's me! <3) Zatsune's Hare Hare Yukai video. Zatsune and the Haine twins were the star dancers, but the dance needed an Itsuki and a Kyon! I already had a Zatsune Mikuo who is supposed to be a male equivilant of Miku Zatsune. So could could be my second male dancer? I already had a dark Len. So dark Kaito was born. He wasn't supposed to be popular or anything. He was just supposed to be background filler xD

But everyone fell in love with him! I didn't understand why but I was made to make more of him.

I'll be honest, I originally was going to name him Zaito, since it's just Kaito with a Z like Zatsune is of Hatsune, but the name was already taken! D:  I demanded a Z in his name so I just changed another letter and so became Zeito! Kaito's dark side!

And now here he is with his own Fanclub!x3 Do the fans have any questions about him?


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